America's Top 10 Most Beautiful College Campuses

Most colleges in the U.S have not only the power to attract an influx of high school graduates but a drove of tourists as well. Their awe-inspiring appeal is a combination of modern and historical architectural landscaping and designs with iconic buildings, stylish lawns, and beautiful gardens.

For most freshmen, the choice of a particular college is due to its scenic beauty. This is of course besides academic ranking and financial aid package. While drooling over this subject, i sought to appease my curiosity, to find out the most beautiful college campuses in the country. The result?  

#10 Harvard University

Established in 1636, Harvard is the oldest university in America and yet surprisingly radiates a more beautiful and modern feel in comparison to many others. Matching its excellent academic prestige, the main campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts boasts several beautiful buildings such as the High Victorian Gothic Memorial Hall, which was completed in 1877 and later labeled a US national historic landmark and Sewer Hall, which is built in Richardsonin Romanesque style. 

#09 Yale University

Yale’s history dates back to the 17th C, when it was founded as the Collegiate School. It did not move to its present New Haven, Connecticut location until 1718, at which point it became Yale College. Eventually, it was renamed Yale University in 1887. Along with Harvard and Princeton universities, Yale is one of the “Big Three” American schools and the most prestigious colleges.  

But its football and excellent academic reputation aside, Yale’s 837-acres is packed full of awe-inspiring buildings, most prominent of which is the richly decorated Sterling Memorial Library.

#08 University of Washington

The University of Washington at Seattle unlike other colleges boasts natural surroundings of the snow-capped Olympic Mountains, Cascade Range, and Mount Rainier. According to New York Times, the most notable structure in “U-Dub” as it’s popularly referred to is its imposing French-inspired Tenino sandstone Denny Hall, which was designed by Charles Saunders and later built in 1895. Come spring and you will be flabbergasted by the cherry blossoms on the campus Quad.

#07 University of Alabama      

Towards the end of pre-civil war in 1865, Soviet Union soldiers set the university’s 1970 acreage on fire. This was some 34 years after its opening. Among the buildings that survived the damage is the Greek-styled mansion that has played host to most of the university’s presidents. Today, it stands one of the most iconic buildings in the land. Also notably central in Alabama is the Quad.

Other remarkable structures in the campus include the Frank Moody Music Building, the Marion Gallaway and Allen Bales Theaters, Morgan auditorium, and the natural art and history museum.

#06 Florida Southern Colleges

Besides its mother college football history, the Florida Southern College is a lovely campus with several historical buildings and sports centers. Most notable here is the Geometric Annie Chapel. Recently in the Princeton review, the college’s 100-acreage was named the most beautiful in the country. It certainly comes into this list as the gem out Frank Lloyd Wright’s collegiate designs.

Adding to its beauty is its location between Orlando and Tampa, which is known for its 38 lakes.

#05 The US Military Academy

With a beautiful view of the famous Hudson River, the United States Military Academy offers a breathtaking site of Highland Falls. Located 50 miles North of New York, the Military Academy is considered a national landmark. In the 15,000 acreage are Neo-Gothic inspired buildings, built of black and gray granite. Within it is the final resting place of Custer, Scott, and Westmoreland.

#04 University of Virginia

The beautiful grounds of the University of Virginia have always been admired far and beyond the borders of the US. Conceived by Thomas Jefferson, the college boasts a presidential touch. According to the American Institute of Architects, the rolling landscape and exquisite buildings of the university are the proudest achievements of American architecture in the past 200 years.

#03 Furman University, SC.

The opulent South Carolina campus has actually been named not once or twice but several times as one of the most beautiful places in the state by the American Society of Landscape Architects.

According to Forbes, even if it wasn’t a college, the Asia inspired campus would still be deemed postcard perfect. Besides its iconic Buddhist Temple (Place of Peace) and Signature Bell Tower, its leafy gardens, lakeland surrounding and Georgian structures make such an eye-catching scene

#02 Scripps College

Ranked one of the top private colleges exclusively for women, the dazzling California campus climaxes the best of Gordon Kauffman designs. Dotted with stucco walled structures, wrought iron gates, archways, fountains, cloister gardens and Mexican murals, the college glows rich in both beauty and splendor. The campus also boasts a sustainable environment with an opulent landscape featuring tulip, almond, kumquat, orange, sycamore, grapefruit and liquid amber trees.  

#01 Elon University

Located in the heart of North Carolina, Elon is not only an exceptional educational center but the home of several films, including Spike Lee’s He Got Game. Like Furman, the university has also been named the prettiest campus in the country on not one or two but many occasions, including landing the top spot recently in rankings by both Princeton Review and New York Times. Earlier in 2005, its wooded grounds were named botanical, which makes it both aesthetic and academic.    

The list of America’s most beautiful college campuses is surely longer than what is here. Based on your research and own experiences, you can share more schools to note of here at Capstone World Travel, for sure, some of the most prominent places and structures in North America are worthy to mention! For college visits, we can help find airplane tickets and hotels for accommodations to make the first step to college life easier.