How Traveling Broadens Your Mind

I have often watched my daughter, Elise play. Sometimes I can’t help but envy her life - So simple it is. Imagine you are Elise for a moment. I know it feels nostalgic. On the other hand, I am sure it feels good. Why can’t life just be that simple? Ordinarily, as we grow older, our minds broaden. An experience they say is the best teacher. Perspective, on the other hand, is a window through which we see the world.   

New Experiences - New Thinking

Think of it this way, life is a journey. We learn every day even as we continue to experience new things – what a way to do that other than travel the world? Seeing a different way of life, living a different set of rules and a different definition of happiness – these are hugely enriching experiences that all come with travel. Miller says; one’s destination is never a place but a new way of seeing things.

Traveling is one most enriching experiences one can ever have. There’s no better inspiration than the beautiful landscapes of nature, colorful cultures and passions of different people as well as the discovery of self that comes with traveling. The pre-requisite of a broader mind, however, is an open mind. The otherwise is often confirmed when traveling. Openness implies being receptive to new ideas. 

Better Understanding of Ourselves

Traveling gives us a better understanding of ourselves. When we travel to other destinations and experience new social, cultural, political, and architectural developments, we compare the same with our own. This way we get a clearer sense of where we come from, what we stand for and who we are in relation to others. We also get to appreciate other people’s cultures and ways of doing things. 

Traveling also broadens our minds because we get to see different ways of doing things. Often we accept the status quo and settle with the way things are done or the only way we know how. When you travel usually, you are exposed to how differently things are done in other parts of the world. When we travel, we get exposed to new ideas and value systems. We also get to see new social norms.

Challenges inspire critical Thinking

Other than the aspect of experiencing new things, traveling also broadens our minds by bringing our way new challenges. Often when we travel we plan, organize what we need for the travel, map out our itinerary, and figure budget estimates among other things that require a great deal of thought and planning. Some of the places we visit also pose different challenges that require critical thinking.

Given different cultures have wildly varying views of what is important and how to go about life, learning a new language is a valuable insight into some of the differences, which further helps to inform one’s own view of the world. Thus there are a number of ways traveling broadens the mind and a chance to learn a new language is certainly one of the best ways. It is my favorite actually.  

Different People and their Cultures

Traveling also allows us to see lives of other people and experience other people's cultures. It allows us to understand how other people live and what things they believe in. It broadens our minds and allows us to think of things that we never really thought about. It puts us in other people’s shoes and also allows us to experience their problems even as they go about their everyday life activities.

Culture is one of the most beautiful things we experience through traveling. We get to learn how vibrant, loyal, friendly and accommodating other people are through their cultures. Seeing different cultures gives us a chance to step back in our thoughts and reflect upon our own culture. Above all, it gives us an opportunity to see for ourselves that we are all human beings at the end of the day.  

Reinforce Beliefs and Value Systems

The flip side can also be true. You may have many beliefs and traditions that you value and those might become strengthened even more by learning about other people’s beliefs. Travel helps us to not judge others, keep an open mind, and let whatever may be, be – liberates our thinking. It also allows us to see the world in ways we would never be able to understand in our home countries.

While it is true that traveling helps broaden the mind. It is important to note that it does not help unless done in a more proactive way -  if you travel somewhere and your game plan is just lay on the beach or poolside and then go shopping at most tourist spots exclusively, how will those experiences broaden your mind? Travel becomes more meaningful if you open up by interacting with the locals and engaging in their daily life activities to understand a different perspective. We can help on this aspect through our live like local experiences. Just ask us here at Capstone World Travel and we are more than happy to craft you a trip that will surely change you in many ways.

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