Importance of Vacation to Working Moms

It is May and I can see the clock slowly move towards August. I can’t help but feel so emotional summer is almost here. Like everyone else, I can do with some vacation. The problem is that just like it is for you it’s never easy for me to take time off work plus the kids are always busy during this time and I have to be there for them. I tell you, being torn between work and family can break you.

With increasing demands of today’s 24-hour business economy moms everywhere find it difficult to unplug from work. Often the thought of returning from vacation to stacks of files, tons of emails, and several dozens of unanswered voicemails is just terrifying. And yet most are not even afraid of that. Their biggest fear is the concern that they could possibly lose their jobs due to competition. 

But this is exactly why you need a vacation and if you are feeling guilty about it perhaps you can find a way to bring the family along with you. You can think about it. It has loads of benefits too.

Opportunity to Relax and Watch Your Health

Perhaps you have noticed. Our kids today have more homework than we had when we were kids. Just like we are, they too are stressed. They are under constant pressure to keep up their grades to be accepted by some of the best colleges and of course to land some of those dream jobs and careers. As a result of this you may have noticed that unlike before, you never have a full family at dinner.

A vacation would bring with it some fresh air, some time to bond, and of course, some time to eat together, play together, care for one another, and also ensure your health is in check just before you return to your daily routines as a family. It does not take away all the work from you, nor does it take away loads of homework from the children. The essence is to have some fun for a change.

Opportunity to Watch Your Children 

I have always said, my daughter, Elise surprises me every time but not more than the father who is always out on military assignments. Just yesterday she was so little, crawling on the floor, so tiny but today… What happens is that you are missing out on your children because you’re always out. Trust me, time with kids fly and if you can’t watch them grow every day then you need a vacation. 

The common mistake is to resolve to take a vacation when children are older, but well, here is the bigger picture. Soon after they graduate often they have a full schedule already, of their own activities, which may not necessarily be bad. At the end of the day, your child will have become a whole new person. If you want to see your kids grow and want to influence that, take a vacation.

Opportunity to Create Some Family Memories

When talking vacation military families may not share much. I haven’t been able to go out as much but the few times are memories I wouldn’t trade in for anything in the world. Vacation is the best time to create memories together as a family, check out our SERVICES page to see how we could assist in this area. It’s not even always about the happy times.  Sometimes you don’t get the best experiences. You may get disappointed with a service at a hotel for example.

Your last born kid may burn your dress with an iron box and you fail to take notice, and simply wear it only to realize later at the joint. Embarrassing right? Well… it is a memory and hopefully, you can laugh about later when you look back in time. What’s important is to have fun. Remember to take lots of pictures and videos as well. Through such the memories can be handed down generations. 

Opportunity to See and Experience New Things

The other significance of vacation to working moms is the opportunity it provides to see new places and experience new things. Being the wild wanderer me I would imagine it would cost so much to satisfy my urge for adventure. The truth, however, is that you do not even need to go far abroad to see new things and places. Some are often just next door. For vacations abroad, my clock tells me there are good offers coming up so just keep your head up. You can check with your travel agency.

Finally, I remember insinuating that a vacation could even save you the retrenchment chop. What you’ll need to do is realistically look at the chances of that happening while you are out on vacation otherwise what I meant to say, and I’m sure you can relate, is that there’s no one more productive than a well-rested employee. Don’t you agree? Alright… until next time but don't forget, you are invited to our Capstone World Travel Members Club for 24/7 travel tips, latest deals, special invites for familiarization (FAM) trips. We hope to see you there!